General informations

Double room

In our descriptions when we refer to a twin bedroom (bedroom with two beds) this means that there are two single beds (of about 190x80 cm) one next to another and not bunk beds that are two beds one above another.

Double room

When we refer to a double bedroom we mean a double bed (190x80 cm); a single bedroom means a single bed (of about 190x80 cm).


When we refer to a bathroom with bath in our descriptions, it is has a W.C washbasin, bidet and bathtub (about 170x70 cm).

Bathroom with shower

While a bathroom with a half tub means a W.C, washbasin, bidet and bath (about 120x70 cm) A bathroom with shower means instead a W.C , washbasin, bidet (some small bathrooms are without a bidet) and shower, this may be with a shower cabin or with a shower tray and curtain or simply with a floored drainage.

Coffee machine

All villas are provided with Italian Moka espresso coffee pots, Electric filter coffee machines are not provided as the standard equipment but may be rented. If booked in advance, will be delivered to your villa for your arrival. The cost for this service is 20 Euro for the first week (filters and coffee not provided) and 15 Euro for each following week.


All of our villas are provided with colour Flat screen Televisions, these televisions receive Italian terrestrial channels. The villas provided with satellite receivers, these can be analogical or digital, receiving the non encrypt channels of the satellite to which the dish is pointed. We are not responsible if the channels received are not in the language or show the programmes you require.

Microwave oven

All our Villas are equipped with conventional ovens, and a microwave.