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Forte dei Marmi is a quiet and flat seaside resort, with many not busy small roads. Reaching the sea, the centre or simply riding a bike in our seaside resort is really pleasant and relaxing. It's fun for children too. Very small children (from 8 months to 3 years) can travel on bike seats situated at the front of the bikes, just behind the handle bars, while older children aged from 3 to 7 years may travel on bike seats fixed at the back of the bike. The bikes may be rented if booked in advance, they will be delivered to your booked villa on your arrival.

The cost for a man or lady's bike with a basket and or child's seat is:

  • 65 Euro per week rental
  • 90 Euro for a two weeks rental
  • 100 Euro for a three weeks rental
  • 115 Euro for a four weeks rental

Children's bikes may also be rented.

Biciclette a tre ruote, tricicli

For those who need a means of transport more practicle for shopping and for carring children, Italian Case can provide in the villa for your arrival, one or more trycicles, with or without child seats, always with a large basket.

The cost for this service is:

  • 125 Euro for a one week rental
  • 195 Euro for a two weeks rental
  • 235 Euro for a three weeks rental
  • 270 Euro for a four weeks rental